Marketing strategies


Wait, what did you say?

Ask business owners, non-profit execs, and any C-level professional about marketing and you soon find out each of them is talking about something different. It used to be that businesses could buy a few radio spots and a couple of print ads and move on. 

Today, however, people listen to XM radio, Spotify, or Pandora. Cable and Amazon have made network television far more challenging as the "workhorse" medium of choice. Digital and social media channels change quickly.  The reality for most businesses is that there is no panacea. Different organizations need to reach different types of audiences.  And those audiences communicate in a multitude of ways. 

Sales, after all, is very distinct from Public Relations. Advertising is a whole other animal from Social Media. Often, your business needs one platform more than the others. Finding the right mix and the voice . . . that is strategy. Strategy is everything. 

Most small business owners don’t have the time to develop an integrated marketing strategy and they don’t have the budget to pay someone to do it.

Austen Dearg is a team of marketing and communication experts with deep experience in strategy, communication and analysis. We help you develop the strategy to drive your business and then we show you how.

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